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Investment Partnerships Managed the Way They Should Be

If you have ever considered owning a high quality commercial property in a great location, with a first class tenant and a long lease, you probably know how difficult that can be.

The same applies for finding investment opportunities in the private credit and private equity sectors. The time required to understand the markets, establish the right investment structure, implement the funding arrangements and manage the ongoing investment is simply beyond the reach of most investors.

Skybound Fidelis Investment provides its clients with carefully selected high quality investment opportunities.

Who We Are

Skybound Fidelis Investment analyses and establishes investment opportunities that meet discerning and tightly managed investment criteria. We then market these investment products to wholesale and retail investors. Skybound Fidelis Investment opportunities are available to institutions, individuals, companies, trusts and superannuation funds, including self-managed superannuation funds.

Skybound Fidelis is one of Australia’s premier licensed fund managers, with a 10+-year track record of positive returns. 

Skybound Fidelis is a subsidiary of Skybound, a global private equity business with more than $2B in assets under management.

Skybound Fidelis focuses on asset classes such as fintech, debt, real estate, and tourism.

Skybound Fidelis operates in Australia and helps individuals and organisations invest in real estate opportunities and other off-market opportunities that preserve and enhance their capital.

At the core of Skybound Fidelis is the desire to serve clients by protecting and managing bespoke investments the right way. This is accomplished by leveraging our team’s expertise and in-depth knowledge of every investment to strive to meet Skybound Capital’s mantra “never lose money.” 

This commitment to the good of our clients sets us apart in an industry where trust is everything.

Skybound Fidelis gives investors the chance to be part of what we call “Private Capital” opportunities, such as real estate, credit, mortgage, and property. 

Skybound Fidelis has successfully invested in several properties across Australia. One such property, in Wacol, was sold in early 2021 at a 20% gain, after having already paid 10% p.a. distributions to investors each quarter during the life of the investment. This is one example of how Skybound Fidelis is working to protect and maintain our clients’ wealth.

Skybound Fidelis believes that one should never invest in an asset that they do not understand. Each of our assets or holdings was thoroughly vetted and researched by industry and investment experts to confirm its potential. That commitment to common-sense investing, combined with a desire to use innovative mindsets to identify new opportunities, is what makes Skybound Fidelis unique. We have a deep knowledge of every aspect of our investments, and our team of market experts knows exactly how to identify high-quality opportunities. 

Each investment fund available through Skybound Fidelis is designed to bring consistent income returns, with potential for capital growth. Our private mortgage, retail commercial property, and private credit funds target consistent, predictable income that creates stable growth. 

When you invest with Skybound Fidelis, you get peace of mind knowing that your investments aren’t subject to the fickle nature of the stock market.

Sallyanne Atkinson serves as Skybound Fidelis’ chairman, and Dean Palmer serves as CEO. 

Together, they shape Skybound Fidelis’ investment strategy and help serve clients. They’ve leveraged their decades of combined experience to build Skybound Fidelis into a transparent company with an excellent track record.  

Since 2011, Skybound Fidelis has consistently brought positive returns for its investors*, helping them protect and grow their wealth.

Skybound Fidelis has offices in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

*Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

What We Do

Skybound Fidelis Investment is a dynamic specialist fund manager offering carefully selected investment opportunities to both retail and wholesale investors. It has several unique attributes that highlight the true strength of the brand, distinguishing it from others in the sector. This includes a preeminent team of highly respected investment and market-savvy professionals with more than 50 combined years of investment and management experience. This team provides a unique blend of experience and insight to the investment process.

Every Skybound Fidelis Investment director has a proven long term track record of success in their specialist fields, through diverse and often volatile phases of the business cycle. The guiding philosophy shared by each director at Skybound Fidelis Investment is “Protecting Capital, Generating Income , Enhancing Growth”.

How We Do It

We apply our deep knowledge and experience to identify quality investment opportunities. We also undertake detailed research and feasibilities and ensure the product is appropriate to the underlying investment.

We apply stringent and conservative investment criteria with the highest standards of investor-centric corporate governance and compliance.

We leverage the strong personal relationships we have with all stakeholders to deliver quality, value and superior investment performance over the long term.

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