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10%+* per annum return for investors

Cerulean Investment

31 March, 2021

Skybound Fidelis Investment Limited, a subsidiary of Skybound Capital, and local property developer the Drew Group have seen the successful completion of the 17-storey, 29 apartment residential Cerulean high-rise  project in Main Beach on the Gold Coast.  

Jeremy Thorpe, the CEO of Skybound Capital in Australia, said the  Skybound Group was delighted at the strong relationship developed with the Drew Group and the outcome of the Cerulean project.

Dean Palmer, CEO of Skybound Fidelis Investment said fund investors who owned Units in the Skybound Fidelis Credit Fund realised returns of over 10%* per annum on this project which was delivered on-time and on-target. 

Skybound is looking forward to continuing its relationship partnering with the Drew Group on future residential development opportunities and already has a second project, the Village Palm Beach under construction with the Drew Group. We look forward to successfully realising that project before the end of 2021.


  • 17 Storey, 29 Residential Apartment Block
  • Located at Main Beach, Gold Coast
  • 10%+* per annum return for investors
  • Full secured second mortgage debt funding facility

Important Note – Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

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